Before and After Videos

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To provide you with a visual understanding of the adaptations and developments my clients make during the technique coaching sessions I have included a number of videos on this page for your viewing.

Before Video

After Video


The clients and I have worked together on understanding our bodies natural movements and re-engaging the correct biomechanics to run with less impact, minimal effort, increased use of natural elasticity, and an aligned and balanced body posture.

Area's that I suggest you look out for on the pre-coaching video's: (Do any of these apply to you??)

Posture - bent unbalanced position / head chasing / leaning from the hip

Rhythm - long slow sticky strides (maybe landing ahead of their body, or on the heel of the foot), heaviness

Relaxation - how much effort is being used / tension through shoulders / conscious or over-lifting of the legs

To tap into our bodies natural shock absorption and elasticity for human locomotion it is important clients gain an understanding of the principles and biomechanics of running naturally; an education/understanding which I share with them. Along with this knowledge, I work on practical exercises with clients to create the range of movement, flexibility and strength required to enable the body to function correctly whilst running. The 'post-coaching' video's provide footage showing the adaptations clients have made during coaching sessions. This is the practical application which is often the first insight into running with skill.

Once clients have an understanding and taste of how running correctly actually feels, the development to condition their bodies to enable them to adapt to this correct style of running begins. With correct skill, successful conditioning, and progressive adaptation, clients have an ability and opportunity to run with reduced injury risk, increased efficiency and much, much more enjoyment!....

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