Mobility Exercises

Before you leave the house, lace up your trainers and go running it is a good idea to mobilize and prepare your joints that will be used during running. Mobility exercises, or 'limbering up', refer to the performance of slow and gentle rhythmic joint movements. Areas to mobilise for run specific activity would include:

Ankles / Knees / Hips / Lower back (Lumbar Spine) / Elbows / Neck

A simple mobilization movement of 10 repetitions per joint will help increase mobility and range of movement in your joints. You may find area's of stiffness during these exercises and an imbalance in your flexibility for example you may have a greater range of movement in your left hip than your right hip. If this is the case, further mobilization work may be required, including relaxing/stretching of muscles in the surrounding area with a foam roller. Tightness and joint stiffness will negatively affect running technique, as well as reduce natural shock absorption and often precedes a running injury therefore mobilisation is a key component to check and introduce into your running.