Performance Sport Movement (Multi-Directional)

The Performance Sport Movement coaching delivered by The Running Coach is suitable to athletes wanting explosive acceleration, lightening quick responses and reactions, control of multi-directional movements and a reduced incidence of injury.

Working to the SAQ® Continuum; Internationally recognized standard in movement and sports training and fitness conditioning, The Running Coach training utilizes a system of functional progressive exercise and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities.

With repetition of movement our athlete's have the opportunity to remove restrictive neural blocks that exist within their neuro-muscular systems. The result of this training is improved reaction, balance, control of movement and coordination.

Fundamental motor abilities underpin athletic performance!

Speed - Moving from point A to B as quickly as possible.

Agility - The ability to change direction with speed and precision.

Quickness - Explosive movement and quick reactions.

Whether you require multi-directional movement skills for your chosen sport, such as Football, Rugby, Tennis, Hockey, or increased agility and/or control of body movement for running, whatever your size and shape, whether young or old, professional or amateur we are confident we can help you achieve tremendous performance improvements with this coaching!