Inspiratory Muscle Training


What is Inspiratory Muscle Training?

If you are familiar with competitive sports, then you will also be familiar with the sensation of breathing effort, a major factor contributing to exercise limitation. Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) is training your breathing muscles to become stronger and more efficient, building stamina to help reduce fatigue - all for maximum personal gain.

Improving breathing strength, stamina and power is beneficial to everyone, including:

* Sports people and athletes to improve endurance and performance

* Sports people for an inspiratory warm-up, cool down and speedy recovery

* People with breathing difficulties such as asthma and COPD to help alleviate symptoms

* Performing artists for helping to control breath

* Armed Forces, Police Force and Fire Service to help cope with breathing demand and breathing effort at high altitude

During strenuous exercise our inspiratory muscles fatigue by as much as 29%, and as inspiratory muscle work accounts for around 16% of cardiac output this can have a significant affect on performance. 

As well as breathing, the inspiratory muscles play a vital role in stabilising and rotating the upper body therefore when you are competing in events such as swimming, running, cycling, football, rugby etc it is vital the strength of these muscles are developed to maintain performance. Fatiguing inspiratory muscles steal blood from other exercising muscles (Metaboreflex) ie/ Leg Muscles, which reduces exercise performance. 

"Advances in sports science are few and far between but numbered among those rarities is the discovery that breathing has such a profound influence on performance that it merits specific training" Sir Mathew Pincent (Taken from the Introduction to 'Breathe Strong, Perform Better' by Alison McConnell)

Here at The Running Coach we utilise POWERbreathe, The worlds no.1 breathing training system to maximise breathing performance by monitoring and analysing training, and test results in real time, offering adaptable and personalised respiratory coaching.

We will help you to rapidly increase your breathing strength, power and endurance leading to improved exercise performance! Laboratory studies show that POWERbreathe:

* Increases inspiratory muscle strength by upto 45%

* Improved cycling time trial performance by upto 4.6%

* Accelerates recovery during repeated sprints by upto 7%

POWERbreathe Time-Efficient Training

POWERbreathe training is smart and flexible. It offers training at different intensities, and when you train at the right intensity, you'll get the benefits your looking for. Whatever intensity your working at, and for whatever benefit, POWERbreathe training is simple to implement and quick to reward. Following an agreed training plan devised by The Running Coach at yoru initial assessment and breathing test, including sport specific drills to work your inspiratory muscles, you will feel less breathless and stronger!

* 30 breaths, twice a day (can take less than 5-minutes)

* Within a few days your inspiratory muscles will feel stronger

* Within 3 weeks you'll feel less breathless and stronger

* After 4-6 weeks your breathing strength and stamina will have improved enough for maintenance training every other day

The Science

POWERbreathe has been researched and developed by proffessional sports scientists and is a drug-free, Class 1 Medical Device with no side effects or drug interactions. The system uses the scientifically proven pressure threshold system and the most effective training regime, identified after laboratory testing. 

Training Price List

Inspiratory Muscle Training Assessment - £40 (lasts approximately 40minutes)

Follow-up training & assessments - £36 (lasts approximately 40minutes)

POWERbreathe Plus+ device (for home use) - £50 - Available at The Running Coach, please ask your coach for details


Since I have started the breathing sessions I have felt much stronger with my running. 

On 14th September, I ran Chesterfield Marathon and I got 4:03, my breathing was a noticeable improvement. I believe it saved me about 15 minutes compared with my expected finish time prior to using the POWERbreathe.

On 4th October, I ran a 5K and I got a new personal best of 20:58, but the best part of this was that I have never felt so relaxed and in control of my running form.

The next day I ran Goose Fair 10K in Kimberley; I got another PB of 47:41 but again, felt stronger and relaxed!

Since starting the breathing training I feel like I have more energy, I feel healthier in myself and a stronger runner. I do not get out of breath any more and can run at a faster pace. I also beleive there is much more to come as I have only been doing the training for 2 months and am really looking forward to it!!

Testimonial If you are interested in improving your recovery rates, endurance and performance, and making breathing and exercise feel easier contact us here at The Running Coach for further details (click here).