Testimonial - Caroline

As a beginner runner who has recently returned to fitness I was finding my progress was constantly being interrupted by injury, especially to my left leg. Not particularly thinking that a running coach would be interested in helping me, but keen to try to prevent this cycle continuing, I contacted Chris after seeing his details on the Jog Derbyshire website.

Not only did he take time to read my rather lengthy email and understand my situation but he then contacted me to speak at length about my injures, fitness and what I wanted to achieve before suggesting we meet for a session.

I have now seen Chris three times for one to one sessions and the difference is excellent. He takes great care to ensure I understand the exercises he is suggesting and their benefit to me as well as what to do when I am carrying out the exercises myself. He is always a real pleasure to work with and whilst my progress is slow this is due to my level of fitness and lack of experience rather than anything Chris could do differently. Infact if two bouts of flu hadn't interrupted I think I would be much further down the line! I certainly feel that I am far less likely to get an injury and am stronger in my left glute than I was and as some one who likes to run for fun, but isn't going to break any records this is a real plus to me. My confidence is up as well which has helped greatly and I have even entered a beginners Triathlon in the summer which would have been unthinkable in the past.

My thanks go to Chris for his support and help and I would highly recommend him to anyone.