See what our clients have to say about the Running Coach:


Massive thanks to Chris for a great session today. As a physio myself,it was great to get his input on how I can improve my running technique alongside my own rehab programme for a knee issue Ive been having. I'd recommend him to any runner wanting to improve their performance!

Joe Palmer | Physio



Absolutely amazing how he has taught my boy to find his speed once again...thoroughly recommended to anyone who needs help with running/sprinting...top bloke also.Thanks for all your help so far!

Justin Whelan | Parent of footballer



Attended a session with Chris today since I have been struggling with shin issues for a couple of months now. He examined my running form, tested my flexibility and strength and narrowed the issue down to a block in the lower part of my leg causing me to compensate into a bad form which is causing me issues. Chris gave me a very detailed explanation with plenty of exercises to build flexibility and strength in weak areas. Brilliant, friendly guy, who knows his stuff; would highly recommend to anyone.

Ellis Hewitt | Club Runner



Just want to thank you again for changing my running technique, I managed to stay injury free throughout the marathon training and also did it in 3:50 today, thats an improvement of 36mins from my PB fromMilton Keynes and nearly 40 min improvement on the same course last year. Thank you so much. Denney

Denney Lau | Club Runner



I visited Chris after losing my running mojo and continually struggling with lower back pain - I needed to get back on track with the London Marathon beckoning and my training plan going to pot! During our session Chris reviewed my running style and gave me great advice re my posture and stride so much that I no longer experience the stiffness in my back and whilst slowing my pace to train, find myself much stronger than I ever have been. Today saw a 22mile run before taper and I really cant thank Chris enough for his help in getting me there!! Three months ago I could never have imagined being where I am today. (April'19)

Salli Ann Waring | Marathon Runner



I attended a session with Chris on 23rd March'19 after having major trouble with my ITB and greater trochanter pain for nearly a year. I was unable to run over 5km without pain. Chris helped with my running form and strengthening and stretching exercises. This week I have run 4.4, 5 and 5.5miles without any pain. So Happy. Definitely recommend Chris if you are in pain, or to avoid trouble. Thanks Chris.

Marie White | Runner



Chris Adams has an unrivalled knowledge of running, which he can convey to my 8 year old son, in a fun and in-depth manner. In short, he is an amazing running coach, which I would recommend to anyone of any age and ability.

J.C.Fishburn | Parent of footballer



Since seeing Chris I've done 4 marathons. Before this, I couldn't even train for a marathon without injury. Chris is still my go-to guy offering support and advice. Although I'm several years older, I'm still hitting new PB's!! I'm now only a few minutes away froom a sub 3 hour marathon!

Ryan Ball | Club Runner



Thanks Chris learnt more today than I have in over 50 years of running!

David | Club Runner



The Workshop was excellent - well presented, everything explained clearly and has really shown me what I've been doing wrong. After doing the workshop I now feel more confident that I can run without causing any further injuries.

Susan | Club Runnner



Since I have started the breathing sessions with Chris I have felt much stronger with my running. On 14th September, I ran Chesterfield Marathon and I got 4:03, my breathing was a noticeable improvement. I believe it saved me about 15 minutes compared with my expected finish time prior to using the POWERbreathe. On 4th October, I ran a 5K and I got a new personal best of 20:58, but the best part of this was that I have never felt so relaxed and in control of my running form. The next day, I ran Goose Fair 10k in Kimberley; I got another PB of 47:41 but again, felt stronger and relaxed! Since starting the breathing training I feel like I have more energy, I feel healthier in myself and a stronger runner. I do not get out of breath any more and can run at a faster pace. I also believe there is much more to come as I have only been doing the training for 2 months and am really looking forward to it!!

Jonty Parry | Derbyshire - Club Runner (Breathing Training Client)



I have been a runner for years and started doing stretch class about a year ago. I love the classes and they have definitely had an impact on my running. I didnt used to give much thought to running but am now more aware of which muscles are involved and how my body works. The running workshop was brilliant! Really good fun and very informative and practical. Since then I have made changes to the way I run and am much more aware of my running form. I am definitely faster and feel more comfortable when I run!

Alison Clipsham | Running & Pilates Workshop Attendee (Stretch Fit Yoga & Running Coach)



Thank you so much to all concerned in this workshop. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It was great fun throughout. I was very nervous about attending as I am older than most of those attending but Chris, Jade and Nolan fostered a supportive and relaxed environment. I have read articles about the importance of good running form which are in line with the principles Chris recommends, but all the exercises and drills really helped me to actually feel the difference of improved technique in my body. Once felt, along with improving my core strength in Stretch fits classes, the techniques have been easier to maintain. I ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon on Sunday and was able to maintain good form throughout. My partner, who supported me by speed walking to as many points as possible, observed a marked difference! The stretches I learnt on the day really contributed to my recovery and I was able to go to an exercise class the following day! In previous years I have hurt for days after races!

Jenny Wilson | Running & Pilates Workshop Attendee (Stretch Fit Yoga & Running Coach)



Ive been working with Chris over the last couple of months, the work we have been doing together is basically to do with speed of movement, agility and running efficiency. Ive found that I have really come on as an athlete and its helping me on the pitch. Its been really beneficial for me. Speed, running to the ball, change of direction and efficiency! I found it as helped me a lot!

Samy Morsy | Professional Football Player, Chesterfield FC



I decided to treat myself to some running coaching after securing a place in Septembers Great North Run, and Im so glad I did. Over the years I have done a few 5 and 10ks but have always struggled with my stamina, particularly with distance and hills. Until now, I have never really made any progress. With Chris expert knowledge and guidance, my running style has developed to become more natural and energy efficient; my breath control has improved, I am running further and can even cope with hills!As a chartered physiotherapist I appreciate the biomechanical principles which underlie these techniques and with Chris direction I am learning to apply them to my own running.In my work I aim to promote good postures (i.e. those that are energy efficient and maximise function without causing harm) and thats exactly what Chris achieves through his coaching techniques! I am delighted with my results so far and, with practise, hope to continue to improve. This year a half marathon; who knows maybe next year a marathon! Thank you Chris

Carol Anthony | Physiotherapist; Runner



Chris has now led technique sessions with two groups from our running club. We have a range of abilities but Chris\'s approachable, informative style enabled everyone to learn something new and make improvements in their running technique. Feedback from the session has been universally positive. We will be coming back for more soon! Would definitely recommend.

Paul Christmas | Chairman - Wirksworth Running Club



As an active and busy triathlon team coach often in need of additional reliable specialist help for the squad, Chris Adams offers a fresh and knowledgeable run coaching option which always receives great feedback and importantly, sold results!

Matt Norris | Founder - Racing TNT Triathlon Team



I want to thank you for what I can only describe as the most useful three hours I have experienced for many years. Your assessment was professional, thorough and eye opening. I learnt an enormous amount and have been exercising as instructed 2-3 times each day!

Andrew Pollock | Runner



So pleased...a 2.59, Sub 3 hour Marathon! Running style improved so much and would never have got that if it wasn\'t for your help on my running technique...

Jason Bennett | Club Runner



As a beginner runner who has recently returned to fitness I was finding my progress was constantly being interrupted by injury, especially to my left leg. Not particularly thinking that a running coach would be interested in helping me, but keen to try to prevent this cycle continuing, I contacted Chris after seeing his details on the Jog Derbyshire website. Read more

Caroline | Beginner



I first went to see Chris a year ago as I was fed up with getting injured every two or three months and going back to square one again with my training and fitness. I\'ve carried on seeing Chris on one to one sessions every few months with Chris doing a series of exercises and running drills to suit my needs each time. I\'m forever learning something new with my sessions. Thanks to Chris my mind set has changed. I\'m improving all the time, I\'m now a year injury free and looking forward to my first London Marathon in April!

Ryan Ball | Club Runner



I first contacted Chris in May last year. I had been plagued with shin splints, nothing too serious but enough for them to recur on every run and so spoil my enjoyment and progress Id been making. Id done all the usual; calf sleeves, taping, different trainers, ministry of silly walks .. nothing had really worked to any degree of success. I concluded it must be bio-mechanical in nature and so arranged to meet Chris. A few minutes on a treadmill with a video camera and viewing the playback, it was clear what the problem was. I was leaning forward from my hips due to a tight thoracic region and this was causing me to heel strike and consequently the shin splints. The leaning forward had also made me quad-centric and weakened my glutes and hip-flexors. In short a very inefficient running style. Two hours later I went away with a reset posture, a mid-foot strike and the tools to strengthen my hip-flexors and glutes and also my feet. Fast forward to March of this year and I am well into my training for The Wall Run ultramarathon. My running form has changed dramatically, foot strike is now mid-foot, Im hitting 180 steps per minute, the weak muscles have been strengthened and conditioned and by taking the time to transition properly has given me the endurance to hold it all together. Im currently running 60-65 miles per week with no pain, no shin splints and no niggles. I have no doubt that had I not paid a visit to Chris, I would not be in this position now. Its likely that I would have gone back to the bike and given up running.

Kevin | Ultra Runner



Myself and my dog are members of the GB and England dog agility teams, I run weekly classes and wanted to get both myself and my class moving better. I found the session fun, at an appropriate level for everyone, and we all agreed we had learnt so much. Chris\' explanations were easy to understand and put into action under his careful and encouraging coaching. I now feel far better equipped to move faster and more efficiently. I was particularly impressed with the way Chris used his skills to transfer his knowledge over to a canine sport he had no previous knowledge of. I was so impressed I have now booked a 1-2-1 session with him for the coming months

Nicola | Wild Paws Agility (& Member of GB & England Dog Agility Team)



I can\'t recommend Chris Adams highly enough. I wish I had tapped into his expertise years ago! Chris has the perfect blend of skills; Amazing depth of knowledge and understanding of his specialism - Direct personal experience of practicing what he teaches - Applies his expertise to your individual needs/abilities/restrictions, and conveys it in a way which makes sense of a technically complex subject - Provides practical and relevant information and guidance, which mortals who live and work in the real world, can grasp and actually use. All of this is underpinned by a genuinely nice person, who listens and takes an interest in his clients, and who wants to share his knowledge and passion for running, and doing it properly. So whether you are an elite athlete, an absolute beginner, or at any point in between, I have no doubt that working with Chris Adams will bring significant benefits. Go see him - you\'ll not regret it.

Jon | Derbyshire



Chris came to my rescue after I'd been suffering for 6 months with increasingly bad pain in my hips when running. I had an overuse injury to my Piriformis. My mileage was going down & down, & it had got to the point where I was actually considering giving up running completely. I saw an advert for The Running Coach, so I contacted Chris on Facebook & explained my situation. He put my mind at rest, confident that he could help me get running again. I have had several one to one sessions with Chris. He devised a strength & flexibility exercise plan for me to follow, aiming to improve my glute & lower leg strength. I could feel a marked improvement after just 2 weeks, & now 2 months later, I am able to run 3 days per week, pain free. I feel stronger, more agile & my running form is also improving. Chris has given me my running confidence back. I now look forward to my runs, instead of dreading them because I knew I would be in constant pain. Chris is brilliant & I can't thank him enough. He is very knowledgeable, patient & friendly. I would recommend him to anyone.

Rachel E | Runner



I have sent a number of my triathletes to see Chris for assessment of their current run technique and for advice on how they might improve their performance. The results have been fantastic as has the feedback. The athletes report that they feel more in control of their pacing, have less muscle fatigue and that they can run faster and for longer. Thanks Chris

Matt Sanderson | Triathlon Coach



Brilliant Chris...yes at last I've got it!!! Well maybe not the step bit! Well worth the 300 mile round trip...would recommend to everyone..seeing the before and after videos is just amazing..Thank you for your patience & encouragement!

Andre | Runner



Really enjoyed it and learned loads - thanks Chris!

Sue | Runner



Thanks for a great class today Chris, it was a real eye-opener. I've not got many miles under my belt at all so was a bit concerned as a beginner that I wouldn't be able to get too much from the course but I was very wrong. Hopefully now, I can start as I mean to go on and enjoy it all the more!

Vanessa | Runner



Thanks Chris for a very informative and challenging running clinic this morning. I've been running for over 30 years and you'd had thought I would have got it right by now........now I can see why I haven't

Fliss | Fell Runner



Went to chris's running clinic this morning - wow I am totally and utterly inspired to get out there & just run. Thankyou soooo much. His knowledge of running form is incredible. He explains the theory very simply, tests & proves its success with you. You are left feeling empowered to run with ease and to truly enjoy the experience of running by tuning into your body. Already doing my Toga, squats & jumps to my metronome app! Truly empowering morning many thanks

Dr Fitzsimons | Runner



After years of injury, toil and pounding the streets of Sheffield, I decided to try and find a new way of running. After attending a barefoot running workshop I called up Chris to see if he could help me with my technique and form. He spent a few hours with me really breaking down my current technique and teaching me the real science behind running. His knowledge is fantastic and he was incredibly patient with my rigid, stiff, inflexible rugby player body! I came away from the session with new exercises, videos and a new outlook on running. The biggest lesson I learnt from Chris was the forefoot style of running. Within 3 weeks of seeing him I took over 1 minute off my 10k time. I would highly recommend any runner, regardless of age, size and ability, to spend some time with Chris and learn the real art of running

Dave M | Runner



I have been running on and off for the best part of 5 years and every time the mileage increases I've been getting injured - I would describe myself as an awkward runner.. Over the years and many hours online I've tried to self-correct my action to become a forefoot runner, however certain problems have persisted. 2 Weeks ago I decided I was going to learn properly and found Chris Adam's 'The Running Coach' details online. After a few emails back and forth I was told he could help me, so I booked in for a coaching session. I can honestly say those 2 hours was as insightful, interesting and inspiring as I could have hoped for. I came away from the session with a new found enthusiasm for running and overall fitness, Chris taught me lots of practical exercises and even detailed/analysed my session with photos, videos and easy to follow workout tips. Since the session I have been practicing away and I'm enjoying my running more than ever... It's early days but the knee pain as already disappeared. If you enjoy running, albeit an elite or an everyday guy like me wanting to learn how to do it better then you should give Chris a call.

Ian | Runner



Being a injury prone runner, i decided to pay Chris a visit after suffering from pain in my metatarsal on my right foot. Chris was quick to notice a heel strike on my right foot, poor posture and slow cadence rate. Through a series of exercises and running drills, Chris corrected all of the above in two hours. I found the course a real learning curve. The day after, i went for a run and already felt fuel efficient in my new technique, remembering to keep my stride with cadence rate of 180 bpm. I would just like to say Chris is a top bloke and the communication after the course is excellent. if you want less injuries, fuel efficient running and more speed, Chris is the man!!.

Ryan Ball | Club Runner



After spending years as a heel striker I read all the books this winter and tried to change my style to a more natural one. I have suffered with my calves all winter so I decided to go and see Chris. After a 2.30hr session I came away with the knowledge and confidence to adapt my style and an idea of the biomechanics and physiology behind the new technique. The video analysis was comprehensive and visually highlighted the changes he made to my style. Even in the first week after the lesson, I felt lighter, quicker and much more efficient and my calves were relived of so much pressure because I was running naturally. Chris has also offered a lot of support after the session via text, facebook and twitter and takes a lot of pride in seeing his clients running correctly and enjoying their new style. Definitely worth a session, regardless of your ability, experience or mileage.

Pete Shuttleworth | GB age-group triathlete



Following unsuccessful courses of physiotherapy and podiatry I realised that my shin splints must be caused by poor running form. I went to Chris to transform my technique, to get me running forefoot and with skill, which has since seen me run with good posture and rhythm and most importantly, recover from shin splints. I am now running more frequently, building up fitness for my next Triathlon, and able to compete and enjoy my running again.

Andy Bryan | Triathlete



I would highly recommend Chris to any runner who wants to improve, particularly those who are injury prone like me - with his coaching my form was instantly transformed and running now feels significantly more natural, fast and fun! I am enjoying running now more than ever thanks to Chris.

Robert Lankester | Runner



Time well spent! What a great session - revealing and thought-provoking. I've done a lot of running particularly in the last 3 years but never seriously stopped to consider my technique. Having the opportunity to take the time to consider this, understand some of the (common) flaws as well as learning excellent approaches to improvements was brilliant. I will certainly be applying what you showed me in my running from today onwards, as well as doing the exercises aimed at improving flexibility and posture. I would fully recommend EVERYONE spending time with you to improve their technique. THANKS!

Richard Gratton | Club Runner (Derbyshire)



I had a training session with Chris to improve my running technique. The lesson not only improved my physical running technique but also helped my mental running state. I learnt to relax rather than constantly thinking about my technique. After the training session Chris encouraged me to email him any questions regarding technique, which I have found very helpful. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their running technique or even new runners like me who want to start off running with good form.

Darren Swales | Runner



Chris's sessions are highly informative and very enjoyable, and he is an excellent teacher. He's professional, articulate, very patient and a really nice guy! I've previously experimented with both POSE and Chi running but have never quite 'got it'. However, Chris's approach is highly innovative - he never once told me HOW to run. Instead he teaches you some basic principles and techniques, which when applied have a significant impact on the way you run. You 'get it' without even thinking about it, and it really is running naturally. Working with Chris has restored my love of running, and since our sessions I've enjoyed being injury-free. I'd strongly recommend ANY runner to try one of Chris's sessions to improve their technique and form. It really has revolutionised my running - thanks Chris!

Lee Smith | Ultra Marathon & Marathon Runner



In just a 90 minute session I could feel the difference. Running feels so much easier. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Thank you!

Jessica Otter | Recreational Runner



Excellent Session and very informative. Highly recommended.

Andy McBain | Mixed Martial Arts Expert



As an injury prone rugby player I came to Chris Adams because I wanted to run in a way that lessened my chances of injury. Already I feel much less tired and can run for longer than I could prior to being coached.

Neil Reddy | Runner



Had a good run today. Got some new PB's on individual miles and my calves don't hurt any more. Thanks to the advice from a good coach. Good job Chris.

Anonymous | Runner



Running has never felt easy but I enjoy the challenge and when I initially met Chris I was a slow heavy heel striker Chris had me doing specific training drills and within an hour of coaching my running felt much more natural and efficient as I felt lighter and quicker! The day after the coaching session and on subsequent running sessions I could feel that I had used my body in a completely different way.

Sharon Rawlinson | Active Rehab Sports Physiotherapist, London 2012 Olympics, Sheffield