Breathing Training and Core Development for Running:

As our breathing muscles form part of our core and assist in flexion, stability, balance, rotation, they are at constant risk of fatigue whilst running. In order to minimise the risk of breathing muscle fatigue, it is possible to engage and work the core muscles whilst training breathing mucles by inhaling forcefully against a set resistance to improve speed, strength, volume and power in inhalation.

Our abdominal muscles and iliopsoas form a functional unit during running. The abdominal muscles are working reactively and the psoas provides concentric power during the running stride. It is vitally important to develop a strong core; enabling you to fully utilise these muscles, in order to oppose the force of gravity and maintain an erect trunk whilst running. An upright trunk will assist with performance during running.

In this video (click here) one of our coaches can be seen breathing forcefully against resistance* whilst maintaining a braced core.

The training is utilising bodyweight exercises, swiss ball and a POWERbreathe Plus unit.

For further information on how breathing training can assist your performance, how to achieve correct breathing technique for performance gains and breathing strength assessments please contact the Running Coach (click here).

For further on POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training provided by The Running Coach please click here


5 minute conditioning warm up for Running:

During training sessions the coaching team here at The Running Coach teach clients how to perform dynamic exercises whilst assist in conditioning the body for running; improving strength, balance and flexibility. The purpose of this approach is to prepare you for the run you are about to start, as well as improve your functional movement which will reduce the risk of injury, increase natural shock absorption and develop your overall body conditioning; having a positive impact on performance and future running activities.

Click on this link to view a quick and effective warm up routing which will take 5minutes and can be performed in the comfort of your own home, or whilst you are out on the trails/track prior to running.