Warm up and Pulse Raising

Warm-ups for running are an important aspect of notifying and preparing your body for the upcoming activity! Sudden exertion without a graduated warm up can lead to abnormal heart rates, inadequate blood flow to the heart and stressing the cardiovascular system. A low to moderate intensity, with gradual progression in intensity over time is recommended. For example, you may start off at a gentle walking pace and increase the pace progressively to a brisk walk, then to a fast walk and finally to a gentle jog over a period of a few minutes.

This approach will enable your nervous system, respiratory system, and various other physiological processes to engage in a manner that is comfortable for your running activity.

Alternatively, you may choose to use the warm up activity as an opportunity to condition your body as well as raising your pulse. During training sessions the coaching team here at The Running Coach teach clients how to perform dynamic exercises which assist in conditioning the body for running;  improving strength, balance and flexibility. The purpose of this approach is to prepare you for the run you are about the start, as well as improve your functional movement which will reduce the risk of injury, increase natural shock absorption and develop your overall body conditioning; having a positive impact on performance and future running activities.

Click on the link below to view a quick and effective warm up routine which will take 5minutes and can be performed in the comfort of your own home, or whilst you are out on the trails/track prior to running:

(Additional videos will be available detailing more advanced warm up routines including running drills and exercises targeting further muscles utilised during running. Note that the more advanced conditioning warm up routine will take approximately 15-20mintues)

5 Minute Dynamic Warm - Up: https://vimeo.com/107599698